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Search Engines and Public E-Mail

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • MSN or Hotmail
  • Lycos

    Use any of these internet search engines to find information about a desired subject by entering related key words.  Note that sites offering free public e-mail services, such as Yahoo! or MSN Hotmail, are not affiliated with the library or its internet provider.  Library staff have no control over their operation or the content of any patron's e-mail.

Statewide Information Databases


    Please request password and username for access:

    EBSCO offers several search databases covering a wide range of content, including periodicals, newspapers, academic, business, health, and others.  After entering the EBSCO site, select the appropriate database that pertains to your search.

  • Oklahoma Department of Libraries Online

    ODL offers the Statewide Union Catalog of library holdings in Oklahoma; other electronic resources are featured on this site through its Digital Prairie link.

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