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Mission Statement

  • The Glover-Spencer Memorial Library strives to meet the informational needs of the community.  To accomplish this we will:  provide high-interest materials, both contemporary and traditional, appropriate for all ages; respond to the community needs for library services and programs; ensure a trained, courteous staff in a welcoming environment; serve as an access point to supplemental information; support life-long learning and the enrichment of leisure time.

Child-Safety Policy

  • We hope that the families who use our library will see our facilities as warm, inviting, and fun places to be.  We also hope that children will visit the library and develop a life-long love of books, reading, and libraries.  However, we remind parents and guardians that they are responsible for their children while they are at the library or attending programs.
  • Parents and guardians are responsible for the juvenile children while their children are at the library.  Children who are unable to look out for their own safety shall not be left unattended at the library.  In no event may children ages seven or younger be left unattended in the library.

Internet and Computer Use Policy

  • The Glover-Spencer Memorial Library provides access to the internet as one means of fulfilling its mission to inform, educate, entertain, and culturally enrich by providing books and other library resources, facilities and professional services for use by all individuals.  All internet resources accessible through the library are provided equally to all users, with the understanding that it is the individual user's responsibility to demonstrate judgment, respect for others, and appropriate conduct while using public library resources and facilities.
  • Minor children must have a parent sign an Internet Permission Form in the presence of a library employee in order to use the internet.  Parents who believe their children cannot responsibly use the library's internet access are requested to monitor their children's internet use.
  • Internet computers will not be used for illegal activity, to access illegal materials, or to access materials that by local community standards would be obscene.
  • Installation, downloading, or modification of software is prohibited, except for users saving their work or downloading internet content to their own floppy diskettes, USB flash drives, or CD/DVD-R.
  • Users will respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.
  • Users will not make any attempt to gain unauthorized access to restricted files or networks, or to damage or modify computer equipment or software.
  • Prompt payment is required by users who incur charges for printing or other authorized fees.
  • Users must sign up to use computer terminals on a next-available basis.  Terminals will not be reserved for persons who are not in the immediate vicinity when their name is called.
  • Access sessions will be limited to thirty minutes unless otherwise authorized by the librarian in charge.
  • Users must end their session and leave the terminal when asked to do so by authorized library staff, even if they have not completed their access session.
  • Upon completion of an internet access session, a user may be required to wait thirty minutes before signing up for another session.
  • The librarian in charge may establish the number of access sessions available per day, per user; such limitations will be dependent on demand in order to provide access for a variety of users.
  • Users will respect the privacy of other users, and will refrain from attempting to view or read material being used by others.  Library staff and patrons must comply with applicable laws prohibiting disclosure, use, or dissemination of personal information regarding library users, including minors.
  • By mutual consent, two persons may share one access session as long as their behavior or conversation does not disturb other users or library staff.
  • When library employees believe that a user has failed to comply with the Internet and Computer Use Policy, and/or the Rules of Conduct, they are authorized to terminate any user's access session or to prohibit a user from subsequent access sessions for up to two weeks from the date of informing the user of that action.  After a hearing before the library's administrative authority, a library patron may be permanently barred from computer or internet access from the library.
  • Computer users whose access session has been terminated or prohibited may protest the action and/or request that privileges be reinstated by appealing to the Library Board of Trustees during one of the board's scheduled monthly meetings.  Notice of intent to appeal should be made in advance so that the issue can be added to the meeting agenda.

Friends of the Rush Springs Library

  • The Friends of the Library, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting with the funding and improvement of the library.  Each year the Friends of the Library assist with the purchase of numerous books and videos, and support other library expenses.  Everyone is encouraged to join.  Individual annual membership is $5.00, and additional donations are welcome.  Contact the library director to join or for more information.

Library Board of Trustees

  • The Library Board of Trustees meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the library.  The meeting agenda is posted 24-hours or more in advance.


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